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Sending An Image Showing Your Computer Screen

Problem: We may need you to email us a picture of the error message you received or a picture of what you are seeing on your computer screen.

Solution: We can often fix your problem faster if you include a picture of the problem as it appears on your computer screen. That way we can see what the problem is or see the full text of the error message you received.

To create a picture, use the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. Or to take a picture of just the smaller active screen, hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and then click "Print Screen." The Print Screen button is usually on the right side of the keyboard in the top row. The Key may say Print Screen/SysRq

On your computer desktop, click Start and then click Program Files. Then Highlight Acessories. Then Click on Paint.

You will see the Paint program open. Next hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click the V on the keyboard. This is a shortcut to Paste something from the clipboard into another place.

Save this image as a jpg file and save it to your desktop or a file you can easily find.

After completing a Help Desk Ticket, attach this file so we can see what you are seeing.

An Additional Note about Help Desk Tickets -- In order for the folks at Thayer Birding Software to help you, we need to know about your computer and its operating system, which of our programs you are running and the version number of these programs. We may even need to know about other programs you have recently installed that may be causing a conflict with the Thayer software.

When you encounter a problem, we need to know EXACTLY what steps you took to make the problem appear. We need to be able to duplicate what you did on our computers before we can help you.

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