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Program Just Will Not Install - Everything Downloaded OK

Problem: For some reason the program I downloaded just will not install on my Dell computer running Windows 10. My computer guy said the installer may be corrupt but he has not figured it out yet.

Solution: This is VERY unusual. We had not heard of this happening before and we were unable to determine the cause of this problem. Luckily this person wrote back a few days later saying...

"We have finally found the problem and the birding program now works fine. Turned out that there was a defect in my computer software in a program called .NET, probably introduced in an update. I'm told that it acts as a portion of the operating system but is not actually a part of Windows 10. Windows 10 uses it to install programs. After .NET was uninstalled and then reinstalled thinks worked OK."

We really appreciate it when you let us know if you resolve tricky situations like this and tell us what you (or your computer guy) did. That way we can pass it along to others in this FAQ section. (We need all the help we can get!!

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