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Cannot Access My Sightings After Mojave Upgrade

Problem: I recently upgraded to Mojave macOS 10.4 and now I cannot open the program and I fear all my sightings are gone forever. Help!

Solution: Some folks have limited issues with Mojave while others have many issues and even report that the birding program will not run. This is explained on our web site.

It appears that a computer program called Parallels 14 may be able to let folks run our software on Mac computers with the new Mojave Operating System.

One person having your issue reported that he was still able to see the Menu Bar at the top of the screen, even though the program would not open. He was able to click Tools > Sightings... to see his sightings and Tools>Custom Lists... to see his Custom Lists. While he was not able to print them, he was at least able to see them.

For those of you with large life lists, we STRONGLY recommend that you use Bird Brain software to keep track of the birds you have seen. Please visit Bird Brain

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