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Error 1311 During Installation. Source File Not Found

Problem: The installation wizard gave the following error message:

1311: Source file not found. C:\....\

Solution: You should not have extracted the 27 files in the v7_1 zipped file into a place called C:/TBS/v7_1
[Notice the red lines in the image above. You can see that we are in folder TBS/v7_1 and that there are 27 files here already.]

You need to create the TBS folder on your desktop BEFORE you start the download process. You need to unzip (extract) all six zipped files there so that ALL 33 files appear in the C:\TBS folder. But your computer will probably not suggest this. Instead it will look like the screen below and suggest that you extract into C\:TBS\v7_x. To fix this, simply hit backspace and erase the \v7_x part of the path.

However, if you already extracted all six files into the v7_1 through v7_6 folders, do not despair. In fact it is pretty easy to just click on folders v7_1 through v7_6 and drag and drop the extracted files into the TBS folder. Once you have 33 files in the TBS folder then you can simply go there and double-click setup.exe to begin the installation.

Please note that it is not necessary that the 33 files be in a folder named TBS. They can be together in ANY file. The key is that all 33 files are inside one folder and are unzipped.

Also See the YouTube Video on Downloading version 7

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