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Error 50842 and McAfee Software - Trouble Installing Gold Edition

Problem: I have a 64- bit computer and I got the new version 5.5 disk (I know version 5.0.0 and version 5.0.2 will not work on 64-bit computers.) But when I try to install I get an Error #50842

Solution: Microsoft has created a Fix it for this. What this Fix-it does is to remove incorrect or corrupt registry entries that interfere with VB support in Windows and then re-registers the DLL ensuring that the correct registry settings are there. After running the Fix-it solution you may be able to immediately try the installation, but to be sure, a reboot is suggested. This type of problem is typically caused by a partial McAfee installation - and you may not even realize it happened!

Also, try this,
1) Search for "McAffe Consumer Product Removal Tool" or "MCPR.exe".
2) Run MCPR.exe ( )
3) Search google for "Microsoft Fix it 50842" or "MicrosoftFixit50842.msi".
4) Run "MicrosoftFixit50842.msi" ( )
5) Reboot and cross your fingers.

The person asking this wrote and told us:
I did not think that I had ever had any Mcaffe products on my system but tried it anyway. The tool found and deleted several tools. After that the Gold Edition 5.5 installed and runs. As a bonus, a lot of programs and other things started running way way faster. Other notes on the McAffe problem say that it can happen as a side effect of an incomplete McAffe uninstall.

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