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Imported Sightings From An Older Version - Nothing There!

Problem: Help! I followed your instructions for importing my sightings from an older version of your software but they are not there! On my Windows computer I clicked File and then clicked "Import from Previous Version..." Then I clicked on the small binocular icon to find my old database. I could see various eViewer folders so I clicked the older one, clicked on the Database folder and then clicked on Database.mdb. Then I clicked Open. After a short time it said the import was successful. But when I click on the blue Sightings button, there are no sightings. I know they exist -- I can open the older version of the software ands see them! What do I do now??

Solution: First of all, you did everything correctly. The most likely cause for this is that you selected the wrong database.mdb file to import. Believe it or not, Windows is "helping" you by creating TWO copies of database.mdb !!!

This FAQ explains how to look for the Virtual database.mdb:
Importing Your Sightings From an Older Version

You need to look in the Virtual Store for your database.mdb that includes your sightings:

C:/Users/YourNameHere/AppData/local/VirtualStore/ProgramFiles/ThayerBirdingSoftware/eViewer x.x\Database

You might also try using the Windows Search function to find database.mdb on the hard drive of your old computer.

If you cannot find your database in the Virtual Store because you could not see a folder called AppData, then do this:

Click Start in the lower left corner of your computer screen.
Click All Programs.
Scroll down the list and click on a folder called Accessories.
Click on Windows Explorer.
At the top right, click on the word Tools (if you do not see this, click your Alt key to make it appear.)
Now click Folder options...
Click the View Tab.
Finally, click the radio button in front of the words "Show hidden files, folders, or drives" and then click OK.
You can now go back to find the database in the Virtual Store at:

C:/Users/YourNameHere/AppData/local/VirtualStore/ProgramFiles/ThayerBirdingSoftware/eViewer 3.x (or 4.x or 5.x)\Database

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