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Icon Just Bounces Up and Down - Will Not Open

Problem: I installed the program on my Mac computer. When I click Applications > eViewer the icon just bounces up and down and then nothing happens. The program will not open. How can I make this program work on my Mac computer?

Solution: Click Finder. Click Applications. Scroll down and double-click the Thayer Birding Software folder (or eViewer). On the right you will see the eViewer icon. Hold down the Ctrl key and simultaneously click on eViewer with the one-button Mac mouse. From the resulting pop-up menu click "Show Package Contents". Then click Contents. Then click Resources. Next, scroll down and find the file libsqlite3.0.dylib. Drag this file to the trash can. eViewer should now open after clicking on the icon.

Properties ID: 000189   Views: 981   Updated: 2 years ago